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Transworld Telecom is the creator, majority owner and exclusive carrier to Tawqk.

tawqk which is soon to launch its new retail service providing businesses and consumers with a globally accessible telephony system hosted in the Cloud.

Our customers will be able to enjoy a variety of features that are not limited by the way they connect to our platform, thereby giving them personalised control of their communications at affordable prices anywhere in the world.

Tawqk - Coming Soon. Get ready to be overwhelmed!

Steve Cummins, Transworld GroupJamille Cummins, Transworld Group


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In Cloud

Call anyone, from anywhere, from any device.



Mobile App for Tawqk on the go!

Love to Save

On average 50-80% cheaper than your phone provider.

It's Global

Where you go, Tawqk goes..carrying your contacts on our cloud

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